OK.  This is not going to be about the trip but about why I make the trip.  I am part of an artistic family and I am very visual and verbal.  I have been taken pictures since I was about 10.   My black and white dark room in my home was one of my favorite things in the world.  Now I’m painting because I still have the addiction.  I want to capture the light.  I want to capture and create with it; I want to bend it, enhance it, amplify and surround things in it.  Light is what allows us to see the world and can make anything more beautiful.  Light can be revealing or concealing and it can induce all sorts of emotion.  I admit it.  I’m a light junky.  I want to see everything in any and all kinds of light.  The winter sunset, fleeting and intense is so different from a summer one with its hazy fireball.  The way the sunlight trickles through the trees and leaves pools of brilliant green in the dark woods.  The way the morning sun flows across my backyard, advancing every hour.  The way firelight makes golden planes of faces.

This photograph captures the fading light over the ocean as it creates the colors of steel-blue, pink, orange, gray and deep aqua on the wave rippled sea.  I will paint this some day, when I understand better how to paint light and its effects on the reflective surface of water.  In other words when I can create a painting that is at least one percent as delicate and balanced and truthful and soul filling as this image.   A cell phone photograph is not creating art, but simply finding and recording it, but it gives me a place to start.