Among the interesting things on the trip from Here to There is something that has been in the book “Weird New Jersey”  Nothing weird about it though.  On the side of the road is a rock painted with red and white stripes and a blue background with white stars.  Along side of it are several flags of all different sizes that people have put up next to it, including a POW/MIA flag.   It’s been there for more than a decade and pre-dates 9/11.  

I remember,  many years ago, some moron repainted the rock and instead of Old Glory, the logo of the NY Giants looked out on the road.  A few weeks later, someone repainted the flag.  Then about a month after that, another moron painted some psychedelic peace symbols in crazy colors.   Again, someone repainted the flag and it hasn’t been disturbed since.  And I hope it never is disturbed or vandalized again.   Something about it feeds my soul and fills my heart with pride.  This country welcomed my immigrant family nearly 80 years ago.  We need to be reminded that unless we are Native Americans, all of us have immigrant families and that diversity is what makes this country not just the greatest in the world, but the most unique.   I thank the Lord every day that I was born American.