There’s a short cut down the fabled back road.  Fewer people know of it than of the back road itself.  Just past the turn for the farm market is a row of mailboxes, all for a single yellow building on a big plot of land.   It’s an old house and I always wondered if it was a farm-house many years ago.  The “cut-off” is the very next right turn.   I get this smug feeling as I turn and watch all the cars behind me continue straight. 

Just as you turn the corner there is a huge field of millet.  Now, in the fall, it is probably ready to harvest.  It is a deep golden brown with the flower a chocolate brown.  In the breeze it sways in waves.  The road is possibly a mile long and on both sides are big houses and small farms.  It is a beautiful little road, no sidewalks, just ranch fences.  There’s a 4,000 foot log “cabin”  with a very large barn.  On the well-manicured lawn is a statue of a majestic horse, rearing up on its hind legs.  There’s a newly built mini-mansion with a stucco finish and a lovely front porch, including built-in gazebo across the street.   Another property has  a small exercise area for horses complete with jumping fences.  Further down is a quaint little ranch house with a corral in the side yard.   The biggest white horse I have ever seen lives there.  All the way at the end on the left is a fenced-in pasture where horses, mules, alpacas and of course, the infamous Jersey geese (f/k/a  Canadian geese) graze, though not necessarily at the same time. 

The homes and land are all well cared for and  beautifully landscaped.   The road empties out to a preserve with a huge lake.  It makes me smile to imagine someone riding down the road towards the lake on horseback with a fishing pole sticking out of a saddle bag.  It really is a timeless piece of Americana right in the middle of New Jersey.