On the way back, about ten miles off the parkway is this little town.  It is quite rural with houses, both humble and grand, on large plots of  land.  Some properties include corrals for horses or other farm animals.  There was a small group of alpacas up until a year ago.  On the main road through town is this little church.  Perhaps it can hold 30 people in its pews.  Rather than go to a church somewhere else, some of the residents choose to worship together in their hometown.   I can just imagine a wedding there.  In such a community everyone probably knows each other and the whole town probably turns out.  Or a funeral, where support is gleaned from all the neighbors who knew the departed for many years.  Or Easter Sunday, with children of the town looking for Easter eggs in one of the fields nearby.  This little church reminds me of when the houses of worship were often the source of many social events and gathering places for rural communities.  Small town living.  How very American.