Tara, With Apologies to Margaret Mitchell

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Outside of town where the famous flea market is, we found a “short-cut” through horse country.  I never knew there were so many horse farms in this section of Middlesex and Monmouth counties.  There is one with many, many acres of pasture on either side of a long driveway.  The driveway itself is a mile long if it’s a foot.  When we drive during the day, there are dozens of horses out in the pastures.  When we drive by closer to dusk, there are hundreds of New Jersey geese in the pasture on the left side of the driveway and hundreds of grey doves in the pasture on the right side.  The segregation (by their own choice) of these birds is somewhat amusing.  One of my silly imaginary trips involve the rebellious goose who finds that one discontented dove.  They fall in love and walk wing-in-wing down the road that separates their kin.  OK, enough time spent on that…

The house is huge and grand and does look like something out of a movie.  It looks more like a mansion than a farm house.  It is too far back from the road to photograph properly and privacy concerns forbid me from using a telephoto lens.  However, I will attach a photo of the pastures very soon.


Evergreen Desert

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I pass a strange little place from Here to There.  If you blink you will miss it.  Close to Patriot Rock is a small area, maybe a half acre in size, where the sand is desert yellow rather than beach greyish tan.  The scrub pines there are spread out and look almost landscaped.  It’s just a small little area but it looks so unique and out of place that I had to mention it, and of course, wonder about it.

The Monster Over Looking the Lake

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There is a large serene lake in a wooded area on the edge of a mostly rural town.  I always see cars parked there and assume people are fishing from the shore or out on little boats enjoying the lake.  From the road, you can see a big section of lake with the woods as a back drop.  The same lake goes on for about a mile or so into the next town and its far shore reaches the end of the “Cut-off”. 

Lurking above the woods is a grotesque monster.  In primary colors, the headless gargantuan’s back and arms are visible from the road.  During the summer it wakes from its idleness and from the lake you can hear its rumbles and accompanying screams.  Why anyone would ruin the peaceful lake with this monster is past reason.  With any luck the recession will cause the death of the monster and all of less visible creatures that do not belong on the other side of the woods.