Snow cap on the patio table

The Sunday after Christmas I left for my vacation.  I left early because all week they were predicting this blizzard and I didn’t want to get caught driving in it.  I foolishly stopped to take a few pictures on the way but still arrived just as the first snow flakes were starting to stick to the grass.  I hurried out to fill the bird feeders knowing I would be alone and snowed in for at least the next 36 hours.  The birds would be a source of amusement.  I unpacked, gathered up my candles, flashlight and blankets in case of power failure (W’s suggestions), took stock of what food I had brought and R had left for me, and set up my paints.   Inspiration was fleeting and incomplete so the painting I made was borderline horrible.  I decided to watch the snow and the TV reports.  This photo was taken about 11 PM Sunday night.   We had over 20 inches.