This picture needed to be large to see the detail.  I noticed this only recently and this was my first opportunity to get a photo of it.  And yes, the tracks continue on the other side of the road.   I don’t know of any railroad stations in the area so maybe the tracks were strictly for freight trains hauling goods, produce, etc.  There’s nothing but pinelands in the area with an occasional house or two.  The road has been there for at least 40 years so it’s hard to say what the train line would have been used for.  With a little nerve, a willing companion, alot of bug spray and maybe a good staff (to fight off the Jersey Devil and occasional buzzard or gopher) I might be willing to do a little exploring in the spring to see if there are any clues as to where the tracks lead a half century ago.   If I can fill my list of pre-requisites to make the journey, I’ll report back on my findings.