Oh, yes, it is Spring.  Don’t look at the calendar.  The week of January 25th, the hyacinths in the front garden broke ground There.  (If you don’t know what a hyacinth is, it’s that early spring flower that looks sort of like an artichoke, smells very heavily sweet and comes mostly in shades of purple and lilac.)  They have been newly joined by tulips and the golden daylillies which are just breaking through the soil this weekend.   The myrtle (also known as ‘vinca” but I like to call it myrtle) is turning a brighter green as it wakes up and starts to crawl all over the mini boulders I put in the front garden and I can’t wait to see its tiny periwinkle blue flowers.  And the tulips!  I know I have a few yellow ones which are red on the inside but there are also these funny little squarish pointy red ones too.   I am so very excited about the flowers this year.  The winter has seemed so long with nearly five feet of snow.  It makes the early spring so much more glorious.

And would it be spring without more renovations?  R and I went on a shopping adventure to Home Depot for odds and ends for the new kitchen.  Our contractor, Tony starts ripping the old one apart tomorrow.  I wish I could be there but it’s probably better I’m not.  The new kitchen will mark the completion of the transformation of There from the unloved, overcrowded, filthy condition that it was in when we bought it 5 years ago to the calm, peaceful. comfortable home that I saw it as.   The new sliding doors will be dressed in new drapes that I will be sewing in the next few weeks.  They will be in the same shades of pale blues and greens as the rest of There. 

Once the kitchen is done in the natural maple cabinets and neutral countertops with the lovely new lighting and the still to be determined backsplash, I am hoping that R will see that my beloved There is too peaceful and pretty, warm and welcoming, bright and beckoning to live anywhere else.

I’m hoping…