Biker’s Church

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One spring day, on our way back to “Here” I noticed alot of motorcycles on the road.  They were all riding in our direction.  I gave them space, as I usually do.  I’ve ridden on the back of a bike before and I could never get used to the feeling of vulnerability when cars whizzed by. 

There is a traditional looking Episocopal church just past the half-way point on the trip There and these bikers were pulling into the parking lot.  There were hundreds of riders and their bikes and as I rode by I saw the sign “Blessing of the Motorcycles Today”. 

The sign that is out there the other 364 days of the year is the one below.

Welcome them and they will come!


The Round House

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What makes a building a work of art?   One of my discoveries of interesting and unusual sights that we pass on the way There is this house on a back road.  It’s sort of round, at least in the front and has an observation tower on top.  Yes, the picture is not one of my best, but it was taken “on the run”.   Hopefully this one will be replaced by a better one this summer when I’m doing more of the driving.

Round House