Everyone has a special place in their heart that is home to them whether real or imagined.  I have named mine “There”.  I have always wanted someplace where my artwork could be created and seen as part of my daily life.  I wanted a place that inspired me and the many paintings I have made of everything I associate with There proves I have found that home.  It was important that there were flowers and trees and places to rest and watch the birds fly and the leaves change color.   Peace and quiet were essential and though my neighbors are close, I rarely see them and they have been nothing but kind.   The most important thing, however, was that it was close to the ocean.   As long as I was a short ride to the beach, everything else could have been compromised, but luckily, that was not necessary. 

There is not to be my final home but it is a home as much as any I have had.   My dream of  There, along with the kindness, generosity and hard work of my best friend, W, my husband’s indulgence, and my love for creative expression in nearly any visual form, transformed a dirty, unkept, little box of a cookie cutter townhouse because I saw the potential for a park bench on a patio, a guest room for my beloved family and friends, a garden for my daylillies and a place to rest and breathe and paint and all of it close to where the sky meets the sea. 

I am pleased, “very pleased”, as W would say, with the results.


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