The hyacinths came up
right after you left.
It was a surprise to see them in December.
Perhaps their intention was to soothe my heart
and give me something sweet to remember.
Just as their purple faded,
the tulips appeared
and the lone daffodil I asked you to rescue.
Brilliant yellows and reds on stalks of green.
I watered them as I thought of you
The myrtle bloomed next,
climbing the grey rocks.
Deep green vines with flowers of periwinkle blue.
As I weeded the gardens and fed the birds
I wondered if you missed There as much as I missed you
The pot garden is all planted.
I chose impatiens again.
Coral Red, Royal Purple and Brilliant White
And the last to bloom,
the day lilies in the front yard,
are all golden yellow and so bright.
So you’ve missed the spring flowers,
but I pretend you’re There, watching the pines sway
and listening to windchimes and bird songs.
Surrounded by memories and candle light
I sit on the bench and ask the full moon
“How Long, Dearest Friend, How Long?”